Five Steps Needed For Putting Reverse Vasectomy Into Action

Done hundreds if not thousands of these procedures and has done them well and has a good national reputation and makes a living doing this in other words the people that do this the best are the ones that are primarily dedicating their practice to micro surgeries so that’s who you want to seek out the other aspect to training for this is that it’s not just about the surgery it’s also about the follow-up and it’s also about managing a man’s hormones and we’ll talk about that.

AS little bit towards the end as well but very critical that not only am i doing a very my very best job possible in the operating room I’m also managing that man’s overall health in which is this procedure on top that’s about a two hour procedure if I get to that point in the procedure that we talked about earlier where I don’t find sperm I find that thick pasty fluid in the vas deferens then I have to do something entirely different I have to do something called a vaso epididymis.

Me what a vaso epididymis to me is is also referred to as a Vessel bypass. anesthetic but they wake up very nicely at the end they don’t I typically don’t have to put them on a heavy heavy deep deep anesthesia and again after or hours they wake up with two small incisions my incisions are almost exactly the length of the man’s testicle so if a guy has big testicles lucky him but that incision is going to be larger if his testicles are not as big the incisions always are going to be a little bit smaller so that’s as big as I need to make it to get in there and find the window I need to put that man’s vas deferens back together I usually have men abstain from showering for the day of the procedure the next morning they can get up take.

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