What You Should Wear To Tucson Ac Repair

Always as accurate as is ULTRA AIR CONDITIONING the dye I’ve used both methods it got pretty good with it I like to use this for check to check for evaporator leaks as far as all the stuff under the hood where all the lines and fittings and stuff meets this is an OK way of finding it but personally I prefer using dye because it shows you exactly where the leak is I’m going to actually.

Turn the car off for this you can see it starts out with like one line but then once you find a leak it’ll react but see how it didn’t find it when the engine was running but it finds it now like I said if if I’m looking for lease with the evaporator I often use the sniffer tool to find those leaks since it’s up inside the dash and you can’t necessarily see the die what you might be able to see is if you look at the evap tube if there’s dye around the outside of that that’s usually.

A good indication that something is leaking inside there it may not be the evaporator maybe like an expansion valve or something but you really won’t know if it’s inside the dash until you get inside the dash exactly what is leaking so be prepared for the worst but this is this is what I do I turn the air on on low I turn the AC on and I put it on vent then I get my sniffer and just turn it on and sniff around the area of events for any refrigerant and that’s funny that I’m getting a little bit of one because and you’ll find it actually more if you hold it like up above events sometimes you don’t want to put the van on high because it’ll once again that messes this thing up but I am getting like little traces of something.

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